Moving Forward. Transforming Businesses. Changing Lives. 

At the turn of the 20th century in the Midwest, lives greatly improved whenever the Big Four Railroad arrived in town. Directly or indirectly, people experienced increased economic prosperity through engagement with Big Four. We are here to bring those results again. 

We are here to create a showcase for your business to grow management's capability, ensuring long-term economic prosperity. 

Big Four sharpens front-line employees' aim toward leaderships' vision and goals. We work with your team of subject-matter experts, braiding our lean management system prowess with your team's knowledge of the business to develop world-class business systems and processes that fit.

The speed of execution you gain from this approach creates organizational capability and added value for your end customers.

Our Mission 

To help your company create confident leaders at all levels, taking on larger challenges with excellence.



- Assess and align your team on the size of the opportunity and where to attack first. 

- Provide leadership with actionable feedback from the assessment and create a plan including joint accountailities to determine internal and external resources. 

- Change your business for the better, by working alongside your team to implement world-class, sustainable practices.

- Compare results against the vision to confirm learnings and identify the next opportunity.

After implementation of each step, you determine if and when the following step will be completed.


Quality is everyone’s responsibility.
— W. Edwards Deming

What We've Achieved

  • Advanced understanding of the Toyota Production System as a business management system and its adaptability to health care.

  • Consulted on development of replicable, high-capacity, four-hour weekly diabetes clinics for Stanford Children’s Hospital which led to a counter-intuitive service model change that increased capacity 20% and eliminated patient wait time.

  • Led the lean transformation of a $3B automotive interior supplier posting $56M in annual savings across 24 manufacturing facilities.

  • Led radiology service and operations review and redesign at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Analyzed scheduling guidelines, capacity, and day of flexibility to optimize scans requiring anesthesia which resulted in a $3.25 million potential revenue increase with current equipment.

  • Recognized by the State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries for the development of a hands-on, results-based Lean training program for four top leaders and two in-house Lean consultants.

  • Reduced the lead time for loan modifications from 92 days to 15 days for a major national bank.