MIke Goetz

Mike began his journey with the Toyota Production System in 1988 as one of the first employees hired in Toyota’s first US auto plant located in Georgetown, Kentucky.  

He spent 23 years with Toyota Motor Manufacturing as a Production Line worker, Team Leader, Group Leader, and finally culminating with 15 years as Assistant Manager.

 Part of the teamwork atmosphere of Toyota allowed Mike to lead projects in multiple US plants including trainings in Japan specializing in assembly production, kaizen, safety and quality.

As a TPS consultant, Mike has been involved with a variety of industries including: pharmaceuticals, welding, energy, outdoor equipment, heating/cooling equipment,auto suppliers and logistic operations.

Mike brings to the Big Four Lean team a level of shop floor management knowledge directly inherited from a Toyota plant that produces vehicles every 55 seconds, with the highest level of safety, quality and productivity. 

 His expertise includes day-to-day management of Key Performance Indicators, Gemba philosophy, supervisor/manager cadence, visual control, problem solving, standard work, ergonomics, Job Instructional Training, waste elimination and line balancing. As someone who was intimately familiar with the Toyota Production System at all levels, Mike has the experience and expertise to create Leaders at All Levels.