Lean through the sensei lens

Matt Wehr

Matt designs and leads implementation of lean organizational transformations for manufacturing, healthcare, government and software start-ups. He facilitates creation of learning organizations that deliver improved financial results, operating results, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. Matt is a former Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing, North America executive; trained by General Manager-level senseis.

Formerly acting as General Manager, Plant Manager, and Business Unit Manager, Matt’s mastery of managing for long term sustainability by applying lean management philosophies and a systems approach is difficult to match. As a Toyota Production System thought leader, he is experienced and comfortable working in the boardroom and leading hands-on with front line managers. 


Under the guidance of former Presidents of the Toyota Supplier Support Center Hajime Ohba and Hideshi Yokoi, Matt led transformations in all of Toyota’s North America Assembly plants and select supplier plants from 2002 to 2009.   Examples of work advanced applying the thinking and approach learned include:

·  Oversight of leaders designing and leading national workshops in powertrain, stamping, body weld, paint, plastics, internal logistics and assembly

· Ambulance conversion value stream direct labor reduction of 70% and working inventory in-process reduction of 40%

· Reorganization and cost reduction after plant closure, resulting in decreasing annual loss by $2 million

· Strategy Deployment, Alignment, and Global Problem Solving

Matt’s ability to break complex concepts into simple steps speeds all levels of management’s ability to understand and execute.  His approach brings profound change. Matt directs continuous improvement team and management’s learning while getting results, making it is easy for teams he joins to apply their new understanding to future work.  His hands-on approach creates trust which leads to speed.  The C-suite can expect sustainable gains and additional value creation once the baton is passed. 

A graduate of Harvard Business School with a general management focus, Matt brings extensive breadth and experience leading the use of Lean as a business system.